Meet the team


Liz - Head coach

Just relocated from Malaysia and joined this school right after putting my feet on Dutch ground. I am a British citizen, who has resided in south East Asia for the last 8 years. I worked as Podiatrist but, while being a mum, got the idea of becoming a swim teacher instead. I retrained through Austswim – an Australian company.  I have taught private lessons at client’s residences and my own pool within our compound .I do love swim teaching and interacting with all the people I am fortunate enough to teach.  My student ages have ranged from 1+ years old to adults with a deep seated fear of the water.

” I can count in a few languages. So  here we go: Een, Twee Drie…. Let’s jump in!”


Blancka - swim coach

I am an ex professional water-polo player from Hungary with over 6 years of experience in leading swim classes. I possess the comprehensive skill set and hands-on understanding necessary to coach kids as well as adults. It takes patience to achieve some new skills. Focus should always goes out to the process, that the results will come. Remember when you were taking driving lessons? If felt stressful but some years later you can’t even imagine how not to drive.

I have real desire to teach others how to swim. I believe it is something that everyone should have the opportunity to learn


Rachel - swim coach

"Lets get started and experience the all benefits of the water!"